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This is the Dallas Person Robotics Group Subversion Repository. Group member use the repository to store group source code projects. All projects and source code stored here are available to anyone for any use under the terms of the GNU GPL, LGPG, or another Free Software or Open Source license. In other words, all source code found here is free both in the sense of freedom ("free speech") and in the sense of no cost ("free beer"). Please read the license that comes with each software package and make sure you understand the terms.

If you find any of our software useful, please consider contributing something back to us: patches that improve the code, an email telling us how you used the code, or even a donation to help us pay the costs of developing and maintaining these projects (the DPRG is a 501(c)3 non-profit and all donations are tax deductible).

Browsing and Downloading Projects

We use the ViewVC Subversion web interface to make browsing the repository as easy as possible. The link below takes you to the root of the repository. Once there, just click on the project you'd like to browse.


If you'd like to download the source code to one of the projects, you need to "check out" the project using your local Subversion client, which is called "svn". Most modern operating systems include the Subversion tools but sometimes they are not installed by default. To find out if you're ready, just type "svn" at the command prompt. If you get an error you'll need to install Subversion. On most Linux distros, this is as simple as typing "yum install subversion". If you're using some other OS, check the Subversion download page to see if there is a pre-compiled binary that you can use. Once you're sure you have Subversion installed, checking out a software package is as simple as typing:

svn checkout http://svn.dprg.org/repos/reponame/projectname/trunk

Just replace reponame and projectname with the name of the repository and project you wish to checkout. In most cases, the trunk directory will contain the latest version of the code but this may vary with some project, so make sure you check out the appropriate version. If you'd prefer to check out a stable release version, something like this usually works:

svn checkout http://svn.dprg.org/repos/reponame/projectname/tag/version

Replace reponame and projectname with the name of the repository and project and replace version with the version name you want to check out.

Subversion Documentation

Version Control with Subversion [O'Reilly] - This is a GPL'd book. The full contents are available online in PDF or HTML format. It's also available in dead-tree form from most bookstores. The online version is always updated to match the latest release of Subversion. This book contains all the info you'll need as a developer to learn the basics of version control systems and Subversion.

Project Hosting Rules

Source code project hosting is available in the DPRG repository under these conditions:

If your software project meets the guidelines and you'd like to host it in the DPRG repository contact the DPRG webmaster for more information on how to get started.

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